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A Note on the Importance of Environmental Regulations

Regulations. Pointless? Necessary? Somewhere in between? At times, it may seem like all those ‘regulations’ are simply fancy jumbles of paper that tend to overcomplicate daily life more than it already is. This may have a shred of truth in it, but there is more to the story.

Regulations are a necessary complication. Consider this: a business exists to make money. No matter their mission statement, form, products, services, or ‘ethical’ practices, a business exists to make money, and all ways of any business must fundamentally serve this objective. As such, businesses do not genuinely feel the need to ‘make the world a better place’ or live in harmony with the environment unless it is a necessary move or sales tactic to maintain or increase profits.

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This is precisely why, despite all the hearsay, regulations are necessary to keep the world balanced and intact. So, despite ‘politics’, Washington, and all the putzes out there, we must continue to clash with business and Washington for the health of our world, each other, and all life.

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One response to “A Note on the Importance of Environmental Regulations”

  1. Christine Goodwin Avatar
    Christine Goodwin

    Love it. especially “all the putzes out there”


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