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Water Supply in Desert Climates

Free to use photo from Kevin Bidwell –

There is often controversy over droughts and lack of adequate drinking water in many areas. Specifically, dry, arid regions such as the southwestern United States (California, New Mexico). When coming across these issues, it’s important to keep in mind a few basic facts.

First off, desert environments are less suitable to human habitation due to their lower natural resource supply. Such an environment regularly experiences extreme temperatures and prolonged dry periods. Naturally, not many plants and animals can thrive (or survive) in such an environment. This should be considered first and foremost when settling into a region. There will be problems. The land is not especially habitable in the first place.

Now, with modern technology and better means of transport, most regions are considered habitable. However, the natural environment eventually gains an upper hand. This results in bitter conflicts over natural resources. The world’s water supply, and an increasing human population that depends on it, are already causing tensions that will only increase as time passes.


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