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A Note On Endangered Species

There is always much debate about bills that have been passed into law, if they should be changed or removed, etc. When it comes to protecting the Earth and all life, however, there is no room for debate. Various animal welfare and environmental protection measures have been put in place by numerous countries around the globe, and cumulatively by the U.N. These measures are constantly in danger of either being repealed or not enforced.

As you no doubt know, in this modern industrial age, it’s hard for people to live in a way that doesn’t harm the environment. There is an increasing awareness about this that is leading to more reforms and demands for change. Many scientists and other experts argue this is not enough, or that the reforms will not come soon enough to prevent lasting damage to our environment.

Also, human activities and development have driven numerous species to the brink of extinction. Honeybees, elephants, gorillas, monarch butterflies, whales, chestnut trees, and cypress tress are but a few examples. Some find all this information intimidating. I mean, this all sounds important, but what can I do? The answer: whatever you can, even if it’s simply being more aware of what goes on around you.

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