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How to Be Successful

When you read that title, what did you think? An article containing a get rick quick scheme? How to land that job you’ve been wanting? How to manage your money more effectively? How to make the most of your day and improve your relationships?

Everyone desires success, but what that means precisely varies from person to person. Everyone has different priorities and values of varying importance. Similarly, everyone has different experiences that shape their values. Hence, varying versions of ‘being successful’ are inevitable.

Of course, everyone needs money. There are lots of things more innately important than money, but, in this world, money makes the world go round. We must pay the bills, the rent, pay for groceries, our cars, and so on. As such, money is necessary and very prevalent in people’s lives. As a result, a general part of ‘being successful’ is being financially secure. Beyond this general consideration is where the differences in peoples’ values and experiences start to take shape.

With this in mind, think of your definition of success. For you, what does it mean to be successful? Beyond having enough (or more than enough) money, what would it take for you to be satisfied with your life? What would bring you a sense of purpose and happiness?

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