Distinction Between Want and Need

Distinction Between Want and Need

The line between what we want and what we need is at times difficult to distinguish. Of course, we want to see a movie or play a game, and we need to eat and sleep. We need to eat, but, aside from basic dietary regimens, do we need to eat what we want to eat? What we don’t want? Do we want to eat what we need to eat? You’re not particularly tired, but do you need to go to bed? Do you really need to wake up now? You’re tired, it’s the middle of the day, do you need sleep or do you merely want to sleep? Do you need advice, or do you just seek it out for yourself? Do you NEED this, or do you just really, really want it?

As noted previously, many times it’s a matter of perspective. Similarly, in this case, it basically comes down to the matter of if the want/need in question supports your overall well being. From there, you live and you learn!

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