Notes On Protection

Notes On Protection

We all seek protection. At the extreme, society is even obligated to protect us from ourselves. Beyond basic safety and protection from the elements, we all seek to protect our rights, our freedoms, our property, our world. Part of it is instinct, but the value we place on protection is unparalleled.

This is true especially in America. It’s a free country (just how free it is an another topic). As such, there is a particular emphasis on the protection of individual citizens. Placing a higher value on the individual and individual rights, of course, is part of it. Not that this is a bad thing. On the contrary, no one is less important or matters less than anybody else. Equality for all!
It is simply important to note how the value of the individual has affected our nation’s (and the world’s) policies when it comes to protection and rights.

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Introspectively speaking, what is protection? What does it mean to be protected? Is it strictly a matter of personal safety, or is it the ability to be and feel secure and the freedom to dream?

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