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A Note On Nature

Nature is a natural wonder. Beyond being wonderful in itself, it’s amazing what nature can do for us. Yes, of, course, its resources form the cornerstone of the modern world; crops, trees, water, metals, medicinal plants. I’m not talking about nature as a resource, though. Nature itself, not existing merely to serve the needs of human society, is a perfectly complex, interconnected world completely sustainable in itself. Considering this, we can benefit from marveling at nature and using it sustainably without destroying it.

Have you ever needed to get some fresh air? You could be sick, for example; on many different expensive medications or treatments. And yet, getting some fresh air, being out in nature, in the natural world, can be more effective than all of it. It’s free, of course. Please note, I am not saying medicine and professional treatments aren’t necessary or beneficial; often times, they are. I am merely pointing out that the natural world, without our interference, can work wonders for itself and us. As such, it is worthy of the utmost respect.

There is a fine line. Harvesting nature’s many resources are necessary in today’s society. It is important to harvest these resources sustainably, however. In the long run, it is harmful to nature and us to destroy the environment in our effort to feed the needs of modern society.

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