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Natural Disasters in the Modern World

The weather does what it wants, sometimes differing from the predicted trends and forecast. As such, when a natural disaster strikes, it is all the more devastating. Even with technology that better predicts the weather and possible incoming disasters, nature can still surprise us.

Indeed, nature has increasingly surprised us. There has been a significant increase, over decades, in the number of natural disasters occurring worldwide each year. Natural disasters have increased for a number of reasons, both man-made and natural. Man-made elements that contribute to increased natural disasters include better tracking methods, a larger population, and higher concentrations of people in vulnerable regions. Our advanced technology allows us to better track and predict natural disasters. As such, natural disasters have increased, in part, due to being better able than previous generations to notice these disasters. A larger population, of course, means more injuries and deaths, especially in regions prone to natural disasters.

A natural element is global warming. Global warming has gradually increased the temperature of our oceans and atmosphere. For more about global warming, see my previous post here. Global warming, however, tends to increase the severity of storms rather than causing the storms themselves. In summary, natural disasters happen more often in our modern world, for different reasons, and cannot really be prevented. We are, however, able to be better prepared.

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