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A Philosophy on Animals Continued

Animals: they’re all around us. In our homes, around the city, in wildlands. Yet we are often oblivious to them; we see birds on our drive around town, squirrels in our backyard, and farm animals. Animals are part of our lives, and we are a part of theirs. We coexist (or try to). This coexistence forms our world.

Life involves vast intricacies of networks, each dependent on the other. Take the food chain, for example. Each link in the food chain (producer/herbivore/apex predator/decomposer) effects the other. In this way, each individual ‘link’ is non-existent without the others.

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Photo by Sivakumar B on

Similarly, even in modern-day society, we are dependent upon nature. The supermarket shelves do not grow themselves. Even with mass production and factory farming methods, food still ultimately comes from the earth. Buildings, apartments, businesses, and consumer products come ultimately from nature. Nature is also beautiful and worthy of respect in and of itself.

Hence, our coexistence with the natural world is of paramount importance

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