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A Note On Sustainability Part 2

The matter of sustainability is important for the survival of everything on Earth. Dramatic, but true. As mentioned in the previous post, the importance of sustainability rose greatly out of the growth of industry.

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To clarify, ‘industry’ refers to chemicals, factories, and production processes that take and use valuable natural resources for the creation of consumer goods, structures, and all things required for modern civilization. Over time, the depleted natural resources outweigh (so to speak) the remaining available resources, creating a multitude of problems. Mainly, cutting down trees, drilling for gas, contaminating our waters, and similar happenings threaten and/or destroy all manner of wildlife as well as threaten the survival and health of future generations.

Living sustainably helps resolve this issue by helping to restore the balance between people and the natural world. It may seem minute, but that recycled napkin you’re holding is a step towards reducing man’s excessive depletion of Earth’s natural resources. A tiny step, but still a step. And the demand for more ethical business practices is also a step. If we all keep demanding better, eventually the world will have to listen and respond accordingly. ‘Green’ and ‘eco-friendly’ methods are a good step towards a better world and mean that the modern world, businesses, industry, etc. are starting to listen. We must keep it up.

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