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Extraordinary in the Ordinary


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Each day seems to be filled with the uninteresting, mundane activities and routines of everyday life. Yet, when we become sick, disabled, or otherwise incapacitated these activities take on a different light. Whether we become incapable of doing them or we have to put extra attention on accomplishing our everyday tasks, in these moments we are forced to reconsider what we think we know about our life.

Normally, and it’s unfortunate, it takes an illness, injury, or the like to make us reflect on everyday life and consider what we do day to day and why. Similarly, it is easy to take advantage of our everyday privileges and blessings. This is why a ‘wake up call’ and a shock to the system is often needed. So, in this sense, it is important to be mindful of the possibility of every day.

Have you ever noticed that ‘extraordinary’ – special, magnificent – is composed of ‘extra’ and ‘ordinary’? Now, there are many whims and complexities of the English language, but that is not the focus. Perhaps, to become more extraordinary, it is important to realize the blessings in the extra ordinary.

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